Immigration law is highly complex. Sometimes people think that they can take care of their immigration problems themselves. They learn the hard way, finding their case denied, delayed by years or finding themselves deported from the US. Many of our clients are people who attempted to file immigration petitions themselves but their cases were denied.

Our practice covers all areas of immigration law, including employment-based, business and investment immigration (work permits, permanent residence for skilled/ managerial/ executive/ academically-qualified individuals), family-based immigration, religious workers, etc., including all temporary and permanent-type visas and U.S. citizenship. We also handle the removal and deportation cases.

Respectful, professional and honest treatment of our clients. At Bikhman & Vinbaytel, P.C. we believe that our clients deserve the most professional and respectful treatment. This is why all our current and prospective client phone calls and emails are always promptly returned.

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